If you love adrenaline, freedom and action, then welcome! Teardown mixes all of these qualities, so get started quickly! Here the main task of the players is to create a brilliant crime. No one should call the police, notice you or stop all activities. Start small and then improve your experience to become a master. In any case, everyone learns from mistakes. Believe in yourself and constantly strive for the best!

Perfect plan!

In this game, players have a very responsible mission. Only a smart person can handle this without much cost and effort. The story of the main character began long before these criminal cases. He was in a company that went bankrupt and stopped paying money. But how to live and what to do? This question was quickly answered and now you have to contact crime.

At the beginning of the Teardown process, the participants will make petty thefts that will not cause much resonance. But over time, they will become large-scale and begin to attract attention. One of the goals is to do everything possible to remain unnoticed. This will not be easy to do, especially when you need to take out a huge amount of money on a truck. Calculate every step you take so you don’t screw up!

Excellent graphics and completely destructible locations will give motivation and more. Here you can release all your anger and fulfill old dreams. Crush, break, beat and many other things that will help you achieve your goals. Enjoy this game and find out how advanced your logical thinking is. Use different strategies to complete exciting tasks and don’t worry if you don’t succeed the first time.

Trying is not torture!

To complete the goals, players must show their best abilities. In particular, creativity has a special influence. Use the hammer to knock down the walls and make your way through the secret passage. Climb stairs, ladders, jump through windows and more! You must do what you have in mind in Teardown at any cost! Don’t forget to make sure you don’t get caught, otherwise the level will fail.

In addition, this challenge has many unique cars. Bikes, trucks, bikes and more. With this, participants will be able to carry out larger robberies. Load valuable goods inside and take them in the right direction. They will also simplify the task of folding goods or money. In this case, you will not need to run around the floors back and forth. The game has many exciting missions that will make you think outside the box.