Toca Boca

The further all the industry of entertainment goes, the more possibilities it offers to the players. The sphere of game development is now so advanced that you can find literally anything you can imagine – from the simplest products like basic 3D racing to the most high budget VR-games. But here we’re going to tell you about one simple, but very satisfying product which will get you involved for a really long time if you like it.

For those who like cuteness

The category of releases where you need to dress your heroes up are very popular now, among people of all different age groups. But Toca Boca games offer even more than just dressing up. Of course, one of the most developed options here is to create the characters as you like, from skin color and hairstyle to the accessories that it wears. But what’s even more important is the possibility to make those heroes act.

They can perform different actions, and find themselves in various situations where the player decides what to do according to what final result he or she wants to have. So Toca Boca is not only about styling things up, it’s more about the little diverse tasks to complete, and at the same time to not feel bothered somehow.


To talk more specifically, the series of Toca Boca offers such things as mini games where we place our heroes depending on what we want to experience. First we create the skin. We can choose from the very basic aspects of the appearance, to choose the clothing, which is ot only cute or pretty, but really fashionable as for now. We can also form the place where the protagonist lives.

Rooms can be designed as well as suits, so here you can find a wide range of clearly aesthetic things. Moreover you can create your personal collection of creatures you want to play for, so except the in-game diversity, you provide your own one.