Popular horror with a new interesting process is now on your screens. You have a fantastic opportunity to try all Phasmophobia games here with full access. Explore various buildings, search for phantoms and prepare everything for the ghost removal team. You have a special mission, so don’t let people down, because they rely on you.

Discover Phantoms’ Names

The main aim in all these games is to find the real name of the ghost that hides in the house by different hints that it leaves around. But first of all you need to pick a level, a building and purchase necessary tools in store.

In Phasmophobia you have a huge arsenal of various items for your job. Different flashlights allow you to find a generator and turn on light in the house, or see hidden fingerprints if you bought ultraviolet light.

Remember, that it is a horror, so ghosts will turn off light all time, and you totally need at least one flashlight. Next, you have to search for a room, where our scary phantom lives. Use a thermometer to detect paranormal activity in a certain room – temperature will be lower than 10 degrees. Or try EMF Reader and watch red lights.

As you find the right place, you need to complete the main mission of these games – collect evidence. There are many ways to reveal its presence in Phasmophobia. For example, you can throw a notebook on the floor, where a ghost is able to write you threats, or place a salt shaker to make it leave prints.

And of course, use your microphone to speak with it and receive useful tips. According to evidence you collect, you will receive information about its real name. Guess its type correctly and receive a huge reward at the end of your games.

Hunting Phase

Real horror begins when the demon starts to hunt. If you left one person in a van to always check sanity indicators, he can witness paranormal activity indicators go up. During this time communication stops working and people in house quickly lose sanity. To protect yourself you need to buy a crucifix, special pills or smudge sticks that calm it down. In other cases you will die immediately after attack.

Discover Cool Features of Phasmophobia

The games are full of various levels with dark and large buildings, and different types of demons. You have the possibility to take a picture of them, film them on camera and speak to them in voice chat or with the help of Ouija Board.

Listen to their horror stories and find out all answers to your questions. Play these thrilling games with your friends and complete tasks together. Draw up roles, connect the special camera and leave your teammate in the van to control the situation from there.

Try all games here and choose your favorite. Terrifying Phasmophobia world is waiting for you.