If searching for a place where beauty, action, and delirious jokes fuse, Indie is your destination. It is not limited to only simulators or only shooters. The area is much wider and is united by the independence of developers who create their world. This means fairytale locations, missions like no other, and attractive biographies of characters conceived by an unbounded fantasy.

All of Us Have Favorite Indie Games

You enjoy popular independent creations without knowing it. You run from Granny, build cities in Minecraft, and manage the business in Gas Station Simulator. So many opportunities! Think of any game genre you like and find it on the list. From weighty battle royales to visual novels, there are prominent names you have heard of or even finished more than once.

Indie is prominent for making players scream. Would you prefer surviving an air crash and fighting off cannibal tribes while searching for your son? Or you stick to traditional paths and would rather sit in a building with swarming crazy toys striving to strangle you? You won’t forget the night you have discovered a scary game of this type.

One-of-a-kind Titles You Should Play

Check this category if you want to feel a breeze of adventure. Become a knight entitled to a long quest journey or a warrior who learns complex martial arts to face stronger game bosses. Or teleport to the future, where zombie crowds flood the streets, and conscious humans are rare and extremely dangerous. Upgrade the ammunition and tactics and survive the hostile environment of any timespan!

Whether you like the rush or peaceful riddles, horror or simulators, this place is what you need. Laugh on silly heroes with friends and cry on love tragedies. In other words, experience a game of the beloved kind with a unique independence vibe!