The modern world does not stand still and you must always be in trend. To do this, we invite you here to show the delights of the Internet! Lagged is a developer that creates amazing challenges for every taste. Here our guests will be able to find what they have been looking for for so long and have a great time. Are you ready to relax, have fun and be in a good mood for the whole day?

Many Genres

Right now, players can choose just one from hundreds of games. But this does not mean that they should stop there. Keep up the good work to finally join the youth crowd! WHAT do you like best? Do you want to ride in cars and be the first to cross the finish line? Or maybe you want to explore mysterious places? What about fighting in heated battles or leading the army??

Popular games:

Idle Lumber Inc
Kawaii Dressup
Tiger Simulator 3D
Stickman Bike
Monster Tracks
Chicken Merge
Icy Purple Head 3

Improve Your Skills

Lagged offers a huge variety of amazing plots. Every time users will be surprised by the storylines and become part of them. Choose actions, follow rules, discover new talents and much more! Each of the heroes or what you control can become better. Don’t stand in one place and match the difficulty levels! Don’t forget to unlock new skins for heroes, customize cars, and more!

Adrenaline or Calm?

These games will help make your wishes come true, we bet? Horror fans can come face to face with their fears. Venture into dungeons, abandoned factories and more. Or you can take a break from your daily routine by doing puzzles and drawing. What about becoming a tycoon? In any case, it’s up to you to decide what you want to do today!


One of the best processes are those that allow you to do something that is impossible in real life. Lagged gives everyone the chance to try themselves as a train or truck driver. Explore beautiful environments while enjoying the view and delivering cargo! In addition, users can plunge into the lives of animals and much more. What will you do when you have to become a different person?

Multiplayer mode

If you are tired of being alone and want to have fun with friends, then this category is a great option. Here, participants can also choose games that require two or more people. This way you will laugh, strategize, compete, and so on. Will you be able to defeat your comrades, mistaking them for competitors? You won’t even notice how the minutes go by while you’re here!