Baby Blues Nightmares

Baby Blues Nightmares

Game Description

In Baby Blues Nightmares, players take on the role of a young child. They will have to explore the house in the dark, encountering frightening phenomena. Can you cope with your fears? The character can ride a tricycle and must not make any sounds. In a bad case, he will have to meet terrible monsters.


In this game, the main character suffers from nightmares. They may be too realistic and so he gets confused in his own thoughts. This creates a unique atmosphere and increases the feeling of helplessness and fear. The process takes place in an ordinary mansion, which turns into hell in the evening. A children’s room, long corridors and dark corners create tension.


The main goal of Baby Blues Nightmares is to find all the toys scattered around the building. However, every action must be performed with caution, as the location is filled with frightening events and strange sounds.

Users will have to carefully explore every corner, avoiding threats and coping with sudden fears. You can also interact with various objects in this game. For example, opening doors, exploring cabinets and picking up objects. This adds an element of exploration and makes the passage more exciting and rich.