Bed Wars

Bed Wars

Game Description

A great multiplayer mod for Minecraft PVP fans. In short, the game wants you to team up and destroy all opposite gangs by breaking their bed spawn points. The war ends when only one team stays alive.

Players can and must protect their beds with hard blocks that are immune to pickaxes. Disguise your Achilles’ heel in the messy exterior of the island. And after that, climb to other places, meet opponents, and reveal valuable hides. Find resources on your and other islands and trade them with villagers for cooler pickaxes, bombs, traps, and unbreakable blocks.

You can have fun with one, two, three, or four mates in each team. The more Steves you gather, the longer you play. But an average match here doesn’t exceed ten minutes. Invent a perfect plan in a chat with your crewmates and win the world!