Doki Doki Literature Club

Doki Doki Literature Club

Game Description

This novel raises disturbing topics.

Would you like to join the Doki Doki Literature Club? It’s not popular among students, but Monika does everything to attract new members who would want to write their ways into the heart.

For now, the group has five members: Monika as head, Yuri, the quietest student, Natsuki, the most tempered girl, and Sayori, your noisiest friend. Who’s the fifth? It’s you, indeed!

You’re the only boy in the group, and all the girls are quite interesting to you. You decide to know them better by writing poems devoted to their favorite topics. But cute after-class hangouts with bookworms reveal something you didn’t expect to see.

Their verses are all soaked with worries, fears, and depressive motives. And now, their world is imbalanced once again with the one who’s sitting behind the screen.

Monika plays with you as you’re playing with game files. She likes seeing your reaction to her breaking patterns of a typical visual novel, giving you a glance at the stories behind modestly smiling faces.