Escape The Prison

Escape The Prison

Game Description

Are you ready to break out of a maximum-security prison? In Escape The Prison, you’ll step into the shoes of a stick figure inmate who’s had enough of the cell life. Your mission: escape by any means necessary!


As soon as you find yourself behind bars, it’s time to get creative. The prison walls won’t hold you for long if you’re resourceful. Here’s how to make your great escape:

• Teleporters: These handy devices can transport you to different areas of the prison. Keep an eye out for them!
• Anti-Gravity Equipment: Who needs gravity when you’re breaking out? Use anti-gravity gear strategically to reach new heights.
• Toilet Plungers: Yes, even plungers have a role in your escape plan. You’ll be surprised at their versatility!


Use your mouse to play Escape The Prison. Select actions, make quick decisions, and outwit the guards. Your fate is in your hands!

Frequently Asked Questions

• Q: How many levels are there?

A: Escape The Prison features multiple levels, each with its own unique challenges. Can you conquer them all?

• Q: Is there a time limit?

A: No rush! Take your time to plan your moves. Precision matters more than speed.

• Q: Can I replay levels?

A: Absolutely! Replay levels to improve your score or discover new paths.

Get ready for a stick figure adventure like no other.

Disclaimer: This guide is for entertainment purposes only. Attempting to escape an actual prison is strongly discouraged.