FNAF Security Breach

Game Description

Another creepy story in a series about scary robots. This time, FNAF Security Breach introduces players to new heroes. New security guard Gregory and his partner Vanessa. The girl tries to gain the guy’s trust throughout the game. But is she really so harmless? Perhaps she is hiding some terrible secret. Players should be extremely careful. In this kind of situation, you cannot trust anyone.

Now our security guard has an interactive smart watch on his hand. So he can watch the cameras. In addition, he has access to the inventory and map. Now Gregory will not have to sit in the same room. His duties now include the inspection of all the rooms. He will have to move around the pizzeria. But as we remember, the guards are not alone here. The evil robots are still trying to get to the boy. One of them is still friendly. He even tries to help the main character. What is behind his actions? Discover the terrible secrets of this place. Defend yourself from enemies and survive until morning.