Iron Lung

Iron Lung

Game Description

Iron Lung immerses players in a chilling underwater world, where fear and mystery intertwine. Developed by the mind behind DUSK, The Moon Sliver, and Squirrel Stapler, this indie gem offers a minimalist gameplay experience that keeps you on edge.

Exploring the Depths

• Convict Underwater: Assume the role of a convict dispatched to explore a blood-soaked ocean on a mysterious moon. Your vessel? An ill-equipped submarine. Your mission? Document eerie points of interest using a grainy camera.
• Sensory Constraints: Your vision is confined to the camera’s lens, heightening tension. Shadows and distorted shapes hint at lurking dangers, leaving you perpetually uneasy.
• Navigational Perils: The ocean conceals secrets, but navigation isn’t straightforward. Rely on incomplete charts to find your way through treacherous waters.
• Menacing Presence: A colossal monster stalks you relentlessly. Capture its eerie form through your camera lens, but tread carefully to avoid becoming its prey.

Mastering the Controls

• Steering: Use WASD or arrow keys to maneuver the submarine.
• Photography: Click the left mouse button to snap photos. The camera’s limited quality adds to the suspense.
• Depth Management: Adjust your depth using the mouse wheel or Q/E keys.

Game Modes

Iron Lung offers a gripping single-player campaign. There’s no multiplayer distraction—just an atmospheric journey into the unknown.


• Q: How long is the game?
A: Iron Lung provides a concise experience, lasting approximately 1-2 hours.
• Q: Is it scary?
A: Absolutely! Limited visibility, tension, and the lurking monster create an eerie atmosphere that will keep you on edge.
• Q: Can I replay it?
A: While the core story remains constant, multiple endings and hidden details encourage replayability.

Descend into Iron Lung’s haunting adventure, where mystery and horror await. Capture spine-chilling moments as you navigate the abyss.