Mourning Tide

Mourning Tide

Game Description

Mourning Tide is a process that will fill everyone’s soul with tension. Nobody knows what is in the hearts of other people. The main character is an ordinary man who fights demons inside himself. His life contains dozens of sins that he cannot cope with. In this challenge you will learn about a little more problems.


The hero of the game is a man who devoted several years to fishing. This entertainment distracts and calms you when you need it. This time he went far out to sea, where no one would find him. But is it? Everything that made him worry and fear was somewhere nearby. Will he be able to face it all?


There are no major missions in Mourning Tide, so just fish. Players will use a fishing rod, which they will cast into the depths of the waters. Look at the indicator that shows how much time is left to wait. Don’t let go of the mouse so you don’t lose your loot! Once this is over, you will get a type of creature.

Unravel the Secrets

If you thought that this was an anti-stress game, then you are mistaken. With every second the atmosphere will become mysterious and also ominous. After you see underwater animals with creepy faces, everything will change. Obsessive reminders of the past will not leave you in peace.