Platform 8

Platform 8

Game Description

Platform 8 takes players into the mysterious and intriguing world of an abandoned train station. Here you have to explore dark and confusing corridors, solve complex puzzles and overcome dangerous obstacles. And all this in order to reveal all the secrets hidden in the territory. Will you risk doing this or will you chicken out?


This game immerses guests in a unique atmosphere, where each location is fraught with mysteries. Carefully designed decorations, creepy corridors and mysterious locations create the feeling that you are in another world. Every corner of this place keeps its secrets, and only you can reveal them.


Platform 8 offers players a variety of exciting missions that require attention, logical thinking and resourcefulness. You must search for keys, activate mechanisms, solve codes, and avoid traps to progress through the story. Jump on blocks, fight enemies and overcome difficult sections of the path!

Exciting Plot

This game has many unexpected twists and intrigues. As you explore the quiet and gloomy rooms, you will gradually uncover their history. Meet strange characters and find ancient artifacts! Each new discovery brings you closer to one of the endings!