Punch A Bunch

Punch A Bunch

Game Description

If you’ve been looking for a challenge that’s hard at first and then easy, then welcome! Today, players will begin the process by controlling a powerful character. Of course, at the beginning he will not be entirely strong and master. But you have every chance to make it so. In Punch A Bunch you will find many unexpected moments that will surprise you!

Upgrade your skills!

This challenge quickly gained popularity on the itch.io website. The developer has been building this for about two years. The quality is top notch and the management is considered excellent. Users can easily master the rules to eventually become pros. The main task is to enter the ring and fight with the enemy.

Two mannequins in blue and red gloves will fight each other. One of them will carry out the commands given by the players. Show concentration and attentiveness to quickly respond to blows! In addition, each of you must be nimble and think through the steps ahead.

It won’t be boring here, because new tasks are constantly appearing. Punch A Bunch has a huge number of additional items. There are about a hundred of them and each of them is ready to help the hero. Will you be able to cope with these missions and remain a leader?