Ruby’s Vitten Party

Ruby’s Vitten Party

Game Description

Ruby’s Vitten Party is a fun and colorful challenge where players are invited to a fun party. It was organized by an adorable cat. Here you have to help her organize an unforgettable celebration for her friends by completing various fun and interesting tasks. Are you ready to feel cool emotions?


The protagonist and her comrades instantly win the sympathy of players with their cute appearance. Each hero has their own unique personality and brings their own share of fun and joy to the game. Users will find many funny moments that will make the process even more memorable.


At Ruby’s Vitten Party, guests can enjoy a variety of mini-challenges that make each party its own. From finding hidden objects and puzzles to exciting dance battles and cooking competitions! There’s something for everyone here, so start searching! Will you be able to show off your dexterity and creativity?


This game combines quest and arcade elements, offering players a unique gameplay. You have to help your pet organize events, decorate locations, prepare delicious treats and just have a great time. Every action brings pleasure and leaves a pleasant impression. Abstract yourself from the world!