Siren Head in Real Life

Siren Head in Real Life

Game Description

Huge frightening monster is coming after you and you need to survive and run away. Siren Head in Real Life is a thrilling product that all fans were waiting for. Now are allowed to try it first and share your experience.

You appear in a dark forest all alone. But before you find an exit from this thicket, a tall and scary monster gets in your way. He has large thin hands and loudspeaker on top, but can be very quiet to carry out an unexpected attack. Avoid it, hide in different shelters and old buildings, and search for various guns and rifles to fight with it.

Find notes that will help you reach exit by giving you useful advice and save other victims that you meet on your way. Enjoy this new exciting horror alone, or invite friends and beat this beast together. Use destructive weapons or pass game in stealth mode and save your poor character.