The Baby In Yellow 2

The Baby In Yellow 2

Game Description

Cute little child, ordinary house and your routine job as a babysitter. What could go wrong? But here the average babysitting will turn into a real nightmare. Pay attention to this boy, because something is very suspicious about him.

The baby in yellow 2 is a classic product in this genre. You appear in a spacious location alone with some concrete tasks and a sleeping child in another room. Tasks are pretty simple – you need to do your work, looking after the boy. Feed him, take to bed and change, chill on the sofa and wait for his parents. Look closer to all interesting objects in the building, like photos, instruments and other useful stuff.

But the time comes, parents don’t return and the kid begins acting strange. Here you realize that you are playing in a real horror. He starts to chase you, unexpectedly jumps on you and causes you damage. To escape this dark house alive, you need to solve all mysteries, complete difficult tasks and avoid meeting this strange kid. The spooky sound effects make your game thrilling and fascinating, so that you will perfectly feel the atmosphere of the real fear. So, start your exciting adventure right now. Use your brains to outsmart and beat him and survive at all costs.