Game Description

Do you want to know what it’s like to have power? In Dummynation, players will control a country whose inhabitants have a clear goal. You need to do everything possible to earn authority on the planet. Can you lead this to great success and make everyone jealous of you?

World domination

In this game, users will carry out various quality activities. Each of them will bring you closer or further from good results. The task is simple and clear, but will it be so easy to accomplish? Discover different methods and test them!

You can:

• Expand territory
• Analyze and manipulate
• Use resources
• Determine economic policy

Each place has its own resources that are not tied to entire regions. When these locations are captured, they gradually become part of the attacker rather than separate areas. Resistance forces may also arise, making conquest difficult and weakening the attacking side in the game.


Dummynation has a great feature that will allow you to spend time with your friends. Which of you will become the best leader and who will be able to reach the top? Make decisions and do everything for the good of the country! Spend your budget wisely so as not to become poor! May your empire never collapse!