Spectral Scream

Spectral Scream

Game Description

Spectral Scream tells the story of what greed does to people. After going through the process, everyone will draw the right conclusions. Enter a tense atmosphere where you will have to fight your own fears. Can you do this without relying on the help of others? Remember that every step here could be your last!


The main character of the game received a flier on the street. It showed the easiest way to get money. They will appear as if from the air and it is very attractive. But no one knew that this idea would take users on a sinister adventure. The main task is to survive here.


Go to Purgatory, where strange creatures will open the gates for you. They wear masks on their faces that prevent their real names from being known. Players need to find the main Core to escape this location. But before that, they will perform another mission. In Spectral Scream you will face off against enemies.

Special features

Seal the gates of the territory and get rewards for it! Each time the difficulty of this will increase, so try harder. Do you have the courage to deal with this? In addition, fans must collect coins that are scattered throughout the locations. Create a plan in the game, and also decide which items will be useful for what!