NBA 2K22

Game Description

Welcome to NBA 2K22, the universe of basketball and championships. Everything is so realistic! There are no imaginary stars and fictitious teams. Everything is taken from real life. True legends of basketball, as characters, famous teams and even more well-known championships. Build up your own career and in the world of team sports. Start as a junior player, meet other sportsmen and create your team. Train, develop the skills and become the world champion. Anyone can enjoy such an entertainment and prove that you are the best.

This game is also created to develop your strategic thinking. Every match you will need to analyze the opponent’s team, think over some ways of the development of the match and choose the best strategy to score more goals. Every player has his own skills and a number of special tricks. Use that knowledge while planning the match. Win the awards and world cups for all your efforts. Every season there is going to be a new one.