Forza Horizon 5

Game Description

Another part of the series is here to satisfy you again with its marvellous landscapes which bring as much pleasure as difficulties. Who’s not familiar with the game yet is gonna discover the wonderful land of Mexico, which is full of dangerous ways to pass and obstacles to overcome. This is a race competition so the heat will be provoked mostly not by the environment, but by the difficulty in making it work for you.

Your path

The world that is opened before you in Forza Horizon 5 suggests you to be patient and insistent, so if you’re ready for another trial, start right now and enjoy! The gameplay is filled with the realistic animations of movements, crashing graphics and weather conditions. Moreover you can get here your personal collection of different cars, designated for all the various routes to pass. So will you be able to complete them all? Let’s see what makes the greatest interest for you in such conditions!